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Name:The Weekly Drabble Zone
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A community for people who enjoy writing 100 word drabbles.
I like to write drabbles, and I know a lot of other people who love the challenge of condensing an idea into just 100 words. There used to be drabble communities for most fandoms, but now sadly most are inactive. So I thought, 'Why isn't there a community open to drabblers from all fandoms?' It seemed like a good idea, so I decided to start one.


I'll keep things as simple as possible.

1. This community is for people who enjoy writing 100 word drabbles. That means all works posted here should be exactly 100 words according to whatever method of calculation you prefer. (The title is NOT included in the word count). I won't be counting words though, so we're using the honour system here ;)

2. There will be a new challenge prompt every Saturday. When the new prompt goes up, the previous challenge will be closed, but there will be regular amnesty rounds for members to post any drabbles that weren't finished in time for the regular challenges, and to go back and write more for previous challenges if you want.

3. You must be a member to post, but there is no limit to the number of drabbles you can post for any given challenge, as long as they're posted by the time the new challenge goes up. Post your drabbles as entries to the community, NOT as comments to the challenge posts. You can either post direct to the community, or post to your own journal and just post a header with a link here.

4. You can post drabbles singly, or put several in one post, although for ease of tagging, one fandom per post would be preferred except in the case of crossovers. This is my personal preference since to start with I'll have to add fandom tags to entries. With this in mind, please make sure to include the fandom in the header of each drabble.

5. Please put the body of your entries under a cut so that only the header is visible.

6. Please include the following information in your header:

Challenge: (Especially important during amnesty weeks)
Warnings: (If applicable)
Spoilers: (If applicable)

7. Warn for triggers (Rape, non-con, dub-con, underage, incest, suicide, I'm sure you all know the drill). If you don't want to be specific, stating that the work contains potential triggers should be enough to warn people to beware.

8. You do NOT need to include the challenge word or phrase in your drabble, although you can if you so choose. Use it to inspire you, but try to stick to the general theme of the prompt.

9. Play nice, please be polite to your fellow community members and to your mods, we're all here to have fun.

10. If you have any questions, suggestions for challenges, etc., leave them at the 'Questions and Suggestions' post. There is a separate post for tag requests, appropriately titled 'Tag Requests'.

11. If you want to pimp other communities here, or want to affiliate your community with this one, please ask at the 'Questions and Suggestions' post. Ditto for anyone interested in becoming a co-mod.


Please tag your entry with any tags that apply. These should include at least challenge, rating, and fandom. For crossovers, please use the crossover tag as well as tags for the fandoms used. For RPF, use the rpf tag and one or more fandom tags. To start with, I'll be adding fandom tags as needed, so if there's no tag for your fandom, please ask at the 'Tag Requests' post.

There will also be tags for slash, femslash, het, gen, and original fic. If I'm missing anything essential, please ask at the 'Tag Requests' post.

Finally, community members aren't obliged to partake in every challenge, though you're more than welcome to.

Come in and have fun!


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